Securus Technologies Taking the Standard of Correctional Services to the Next Level

There is high competition in just about every niche these days; same applies to the field of correctional services. Many new companies are emerging in the inmate communication and correctional services sphere, but Securus Technologies has been taking the lead since 1996. The company has for long been known as the pioneers in the field of corrections and has a reputation for building futuristic and advanced inmate communication technology. The inmates who have been using the services of Securus Technologies has been praising the company and its services and providing rave reviews online.


The best part about the services of the company is its customer service, which is second to none. Securus Technologies has for years been active in the field of corrections and understands the requirements of the end users, whether it is inmates or the law enforcement agencies. It has given the company the experience, and the insight needed to develop products that can fulfill the necessary requirements of the inmates and the law enforcement agencies. Some of the leading products and services offered by Securus Technologies are video visitation, phone services, money transfer services, investigative services, kiosks, and more. These services help the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers and ensure that there is peace maintained inside the correctional facility. The company has been given the topmost rating by the Better Business Bureau and for its customer service and overall standard of products and services.


Securus Technologies believes maintaining transparency in its operations is essential to maintain its reputation in the market and keep customers happy and satisfied. It is for this reason; the company recently released a press release, where it showcased the positive comments it received from the law enforcement officers who use Securus products and services. The comments of the law enforcement officers mentioned how seamless and highly efficient the services of Securus are.

How Did Securus Technologies Help with Prison Safety?

In all the years that I have been working as a corrections officer, the last few years have been the most dangerous. The combination of younger and violent gang members behind bars combined with the accessibility of drugs, and you have a mix that can be deadly for anyone in the jail. Not only are these inmates becoming more violent towards one another, they are now hurting staff, guests, and officers. It was time we stepped up our efforts and made sure no one else was put in harm’s way this year.


Our superiors had a meeting with us and discussed how Securus Technologies might be able to help reduce violence in our prison. The company has developed a telephone monitoring system that can run by software and do a better job than a team of corrections officers. Right away we realized that if the software could do a better job and our officers could be on the front lines in force, we could actually take back control of this facility this year.


Securus Technologies has one thousand employees and the company is based in Dallas, the CEO Rick Smith says his entire team has one mission of making our world a safer place to live. With well over two thousand of these monitoring systems already up and running in jails all over the country, we were eager to see the results for ourselves.


It didn’t take long for the LBS software to start picking up chatter and alerting my team of the trouble. Right at the start, we got one alert about an inmate discussing a hit on a rival gang member. Another alert informed us which inmate was selling drugs in the yard. Each alert, my team takes lightning fast action to crush the problem before it ever puts any of us in serious danger.


Securus Technologies: Providing Security Solutions and Prison Management

Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company. The company was founded in 1986 by Richard Falcone and is based in Dallas, Texas. It has regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Atlanta Georgia and Allen, Texas. The company employs over 1,000 people and has contracts with about 2,600 correctional facilities across USA and Canada. In 2016, Securus announced the investment of over $600 million in patents, acquisitions and development of new technologies for three years.


The company provides public safety solutions by helping cities and law enforcement agencies in the collection, consolidation, visualization, and distribution of information in real time. This is intended to support the needs of fast access to critical information aimed at emergency response dispatch, public safety, and mobile law enforcement.


The company continues to grow tremendously through acquisitions and development of new technologies. In 2007, the company acquired Syscon Justice Systems, an international brand in Offender Management System. In October 2015, Securus acquired Guarded Exchange, a tech company which supplies fusion centers, law enforcement agencies and correction facilities with unified communication technology and investigative software tools. Other Securus Technologies acquisitions include; Jpay, CellBlox, Telerus, JLG Technologies, Satelite Tracking of People, DirectHit Systems, Archonix Systems and Primonics.


The company offers very dynamic and innovative solutions to ensure that it meets its clients’ needs. In a statement by Richard Smith, the company CEO, he says that at least in a week on average, the company develops a new product or service to provide solutions to corrections officials and law enforcement agencies to solve and deter crimes in the society. The company has received a lot of letters and emails about their work and how they have helped keep society, inmates and their families and parolees safer. In a few sampled comments from customers, they have a lot to say about the company.


In one letter a customer stays they want to let the company know how their assistance was crucial in obtaining information from a corrupt staff member. This information was used to obtain a search warrant. Eventually, the corrupt staff was arrested for introducing contraband. As it were not for Securus assistance and technology, it would have been hard to discover the malpractice, and this could have made the company continue making unnecessary losses due to the contraband goods.


In another letter from one correctional facility, the company is praised for its commitment in revolutionizing the confinement environment and always helping them improve public safety in their jurisdiction. The company has also received acclamation from an investigative agency. In their letter, the agency praises Securus in their assessment and development of emerging abilities. This is said to be crucial in enabling proper investigations and the improvement of the jail security stance. Their investigative tools are also essential in helping staff conduct investigations whenever there is a harassment complaint or a possible threat to the security of the facility.