Author And Business Magnate George Soros Wants Trump To Wake Up

George Soros is a heavyweight when it comes to hedge fund investing. Soros is also a philanthropist who supports hundreds of organizations. Those organizations have agendas that are liberal in nature. Mr. Soros is a staunch advocate of immigration reform, euthanasia, the death penalty and prison reform, open borders, and giving seventeen-year-olds and illegal immigrants the right to vote. Those social issues are front and center in the Trump administration and Trump’s opinion about those issues are not in sync with Soros and the organizations he supports. In 2016, Soros donated more than $20 million to elect Democrats, but as we all know, money wasn’t enough to stop Trump from winning the election. According to Discover The Networks, Soros is funding 187 organizations that want to fight Trump every step of the way over the next four years. The Soros mission is to remove Trump from office, and Soros is not alone. Millions of Americans wake up every day hoping Trump will make a move that leads to impeachment.

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Even though Soros is fighting Donald Trump, he is not fighting Democracy. Soros is an avid supporter of freedom and an open society. George founded the Open Society Foundation in 1979 to support organizations that bring freedom and human rights to people living in countries with no rights. The Open Society Foundation has donated more than $13 billion to spread Democracy, and to promote the open society concept. The open society concept is not new. French philosopher, Henri Louis Bergson developed the concept in 1932. Karl Popper, a London School of Economics professor, wrote a book about the open society concept. Soros read the Popper book while he attended the school in the late 1940s. An open society is a society that is not controlled by a government. The government in an open society carries out the will of the people and gives the people real freedom. In a capitalistic society, an open society is a rare form of government. Read more on BigThink about George Soros

The open society concept is just one of the passions that keep Soros in the limelight day after day. George Soros is an investor who places enormous bets on situations that other investors avoid. His 1993 bet against the U.K. paid off. He earned $1 billion when he bet the pound sterling would lose value against the U.S. dollar on the foreign exchange. He’s making a similar bet against China’s government right now. Soros thinks the Chinese government must devalue the yuan. The banks in China are filled with uncollectable debts. The government must use capital reserves to fix the banking situation, according to George Soros, and that move will impact the yuan on the foreign exchange.


Betsy DeVos: Head of A Family Dynasty

Betsy DeVos is the latest nominee for the country’s Secretary of Education and a very well-known philanthropist, businesswoman, and political supporter. She was born into one of the richest family dynasties in the state of Michigan, the Prince family. Her father was Edgar Prince, a billionaire industrialist and founder of the Prince Corporation. Betsy grew up in Holland, Michigan and attended a private Christian high school. She attended Calvin College, where she received her undergraduate degree. Betsy married Dick DeVos, the heir to another Michigan family dynasty. Dick DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos.

Even as a college student, Betsy was involved in politics. Between the two families she would join together, she would become a political force to be reckoned with. Betsy DeVos has been an active member of the Michigan Republican Party since 1982. She has been a long-standing local precinct delegate, a Republican National Committeewoman, and the Party’s Chairwoman. Betsy is known in politics for her political giving and fundraising capabilities as well. She personally raised more than $150,000 for the 2004 re-election campaign for President Bush and has hosted fundraising events in her home. Since 1989, she has participated in more than $17 million in donations to political endeavors. Check her website for more info at

Betsy has been involved in many business ventures as well as political. She is Chairwoman of a private investment group alongside her husband, Windquest Group. The investment company was founded in 1989 by Betsy and husband, Dick. Betsy and her husband are also the chief investors of a brain performance center group called Neurocore. Betsy is also a board member of Neurocore, where they offer therapy for disorders like autism, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Betsy and her husband Dick have even dipped their hands in the performing arts, producing a Broadway play based on a book written by Kathie Lee Gifford. After President Trump was elected President in 2016, Betsy DeVos was named his nominee for the country’s next Secretary of Education. After some delays, she was confirmed into the position on February 7th, 2017.

Betsy DeVos is part of two well-known families in regards to philanthropy. Her and her husband Dick founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 as a way to give back to organizations that help other in the areas of leadership, community, arts, education, justice, and faith. In one year alone, the organization made more than $11 million in charitable contributions. Betsy and Dick’s lifetime charitable giving has been estimated at around $139 million, earning them a spot on Forbes’ list of the country’s top givers. Betsy DeVos has been on the board of directors at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, helped found ArtPrize, and is a passionate advocate of charter schools, and school choice.

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The Work History and Philanthropy of Dick DeVos

One of the most successful businessmen of the United States is Dick DeVos. He is the son of Amway Inc.’s co-founder Richard DeVos. The company is famous for the network of sales that supplies products around the world. The company is popular for its personal care, household, and health products. In the year 1974, Dick started to work at his father’s company. He became the company’s Vice President in 1984. During that time, he was responsible for company’s operations in more than fifteen countries. In 1989, Dick DeVos founded The Windquest Group. It is a famous manufacturer and marketer of closet and storage organizers. The DeVos Family purchased Orlando Magic Basketball team in 1991. Dick was responsible for its management. He rejoined his father’s company as the President in 1993. It was 2000 when Dick decided to found an umbrella organization Alticor which consisted of Access Business Group, Quixtar Corporation, and Amway Corporation. Since 2002, he is only focusing on The Windquest Group.


Most people don’t know Dick DeVos is a man with a big heart. He and Betsy—his wife—have given almost one-hundred-and-forty million dollars for charitable causes. They founded Dick and Betsy Family Foundation in 1989 to begin their philanthropic activities. Just in 2015, Dick and Betsy gave away a huge amount of eleven million dollars that was twice the amount Betsy used for her political campaign since 2010. The list released by Forbes in 2015 says that the couple holds the twenty-fourth position on “America’s Top Giver.” Their lifetime giving is about a quarter of their entire wealth. Dick DeVos is a strong advocate of education reforms; therefore, his main priority in philanthropy is education. In 2015, he gave away three million dollars for this purpose. It was twenty-six percent of his entire donation in 2015.


Dick DeVos donated three-hundred-and-fifty-seven thousand dollars to a different organization that strives for education reforms. He is someone who wants to improve the education system of the US. Dick told to a media group that the education system of the US is not about the American dream rather it is causing the civil rights problem. Children who grow up in wrong zip codes are not getting a similar education that is vital for the fulfillment of the American dream. There are numerous teachers and administrators in the education sector that work hard all day, but the system is not letting them do their job properly. These professionals need an improved system which would let them work properly, so every kid in the US gets a good education. Dick DeVos has given a huge amount of money to different academic institutions. Northwood University was provided two-hundred thousand dollars. Ferris State University was given hundred thousand dollars. Potter’s House got three hundred thousand dollars. Fifty thousand dollars were given to Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Various other institutions were also given thousands of dollars.