Fabletics: An Athleisure Company and Its Exponential Growth

Kate Hudson is an enthusiast in the fashion world. She is mostly known for her development of Fabletics, a fashion company which has established itself online. Being upcoming in the e commerce market which is mostly controlled by big giants such as Amazon is no easy task. Fabletics has grown exponentially, actually, in about three years it has an estimated worth of about 250 million United States Dollars; which is a huge amount of money to grow in such a short time. This may be attributed to the different elite methods Fabletics approaches while selling its clothing. Fabletics, for instance, it has adopted this mechanism of membership subscription of its customers and therefore making them access its great quality brands with ease and convenience. This makes a blend of the perfect idea.


Over the time, businesses have used the strategy of branding their goods and putting a price tag on the brand to give it a unique touch. However, in recent times this strategy has proved to backfire because of the turn of the economy. Therefore, for better business and brand growth a different strategy is needed. Fabletics have used the strategy of good customer service, uniqueness, originality, and also brand recognition as one of the ways of improving their brands. Similar to other companies such as Apple and Warby Parker who are using the same strategy, Fabletics is getting a good pay for upholding such ideologies. It is also aiming at opening more physical stores in addition to the other sixteen that it had previously opened in several areas across the United States such as Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


The major secret to their increasing popularity as described by its General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, is all about making the customers feel a sense of ownership, Fabletics sells its brands half the price of its competitors. The subscription service opens a pathway for the company to offer personalized services. Unlike other companies who use the strategy of showrooming where customers browse for goods offline but end up buying them elsewhere, Fabletics has used a strategy in such that the customers who walk into their showrooms are mostly subscribed members or even get to become members in the showrooms. During the shopping, when a customer creates an interest and tries a cloth on it automatically goes into his online cart.


Kate Hudson who was a renowned actor joined Fabletics as a partner with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in creating an athleisure brand. The lifestyle quiz is one of the best ways to find out which Fabletics gear one is suited.

Fabletics Lures Customers With Online Garments That Can be Purchased in Stores

Kate Hudson knows how women shop. This is something that she knew before she started Fabletics. Hudson knew that it was not enough to click a couple of buttons on a website when it comes to an outfit for working out. In some cases women are going to want to go into a fitting room and stand in front of a mirror. They want to see what they look like before they go to the gym and presenting themselves before others to others with the Fabletics clothing that they have spent money on.


This works because people purchase clothes from a brick-and-mortar stores, but Fabletics is losing to other stores if there are no physical stores in certain areas. She knows that this is going to be the centerpiece of her profits even though the online sales are what carries this company forth right now. What Kate Hudson is trying to do is establish this as a brand that compete successfully with other companies that have brick-and-mortar stores.


Kate realizes that the reverse showrooming is something that is going to get people talking. When they see these clothes online they are going to tell friends. Eventually they will run into friends that do not do any shopping online at all. These are customers that are considered offline shoppers. If she doesn’t find a way to get to her potential offline customer base it will be difficult for this clothing company to compete with many of the other juggernauts in the retail clothing industry. Even though she focuses on a select crowd of women that are looking for athletic clothing, she still knows that there is a large group of people that she has yet to reach.

One can only get so far with website sales before they branch out and reach for those customers that still don’t trust online shopping.


So many offline consumers are afraid of things like hacking and a security breach from online shopping. This is why many customers are still not shopping online. What Kate Hudson has managed to do is create a wide assortment of opportunities for customers to shop offline by creating different stores in various state. This has worked to her advantage and that is why she is on a Fabletics campaign to create even more these stores within the next five years. This is what people are excited about with the brand.