Tips for Party Planners and Twenty Three Layers

According to the article on the, there are ten tips for party planners. These tips include simple planning, get organized, the creation of a good theme, sending out of invites, self-serve bar, specialty concoction, simple appetizers, excellent table for kids, simple setting, stayed relaxed, and acceptance of favors. Planning of an event should not be intimidating or stressing. It is a matter of staying organized to host a memorable event. The event can be more festive if the theme chosen is creative and meet the expected tone. Also, parties are not always complete without invites. Therefore, it is up to the planner to send out invites while using well-designed invitation cards. The design should match the theme of the event.

A simple self-serve bar gives the guests the opportunity of becoming their own mixologists. It creates rooms for more fun since every person has the opportunity of creating a concoction. Perhaps, it is fun to create a specialty cocktail that will create a long-lasting impression on the guests. Keeping appetizers simple can be a less-formal approach, but it gives the guests the option of sampling different flavors as they intermingle with one another. If it is a family and friends gathering, it will be appropriate to set up a different table for the kids to have their own fun. Apart from food, the table should have colored pencils, butchered papers, and Mason jars, which will help them engage in artistic activities. Also, the settings of the tables should be simple. Furthermore, the simplicity of the settings can be incorporate with a modern twist and natural elements that match the theme of the event.

About 23 Layers

23 Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC that offers full services from the design stage to the planning process. The firm has energetic and creative minds that can come up with event planning, which can surpass the vision of the next event. The company believes in perfection that will impress clients.

As one of the corporate event planners in NYC, 23 Layers offer event planning services to clients who want to organize unique corporate functions, whimsy evenings, and personal celebration. Moreover, 23 Layers can combined creative inspiration and seasoned knowledge to deliver unique events that reflect the best trends in meals, entertainment, and d├ęcor.


Professional Secrets To The Perfect Party

Planning a party doesn’t have to mean tons of stress and headaches. Take some advice from professional event planners in NYC on how to take the fuss out of the party planning experience. First off all, organization is key to pulling it all off. Make a list of everything you need to accomplish before you start. A master list will help keep you on task throughout the planning process. Make sure to decide on a central theme that will help tie everything together.


Once you have organized your thoughts and made a plan, make sure to send out your invitations. A mailed invitation speaks volumes over a email invite or word of mouth. This sets the tone for the entire party.


Keep it simple to it easier to help everything run smoothly. Offer a simple menu or assortment of appetizers. You can also implement a self-service bar to allow guests to create their own cocktails and refreshments.


Remind yourself to stay relaxed. If you find yourself getting stressed or anxious, take a moment to figure out the root of the problem. Don’t overthink things and make everything harder on yourself. By staying organized and implementing simple, yet effective ideas, you can throw the perfect party or event.


Of course, the easiest way to make party planning a piece of cake is by hiring professionals. Twenty Three Layers is one of the leading event planning companies in NYC. Their professional staff is able to take your vision for the perfect event and make it happen down to the very last detail.


These expert event planners have worked hard to build relationships with some of the most sought after vendors and establishments. Combined with their knowledge of the latest event trends, it is easy to see how Twenty Three Layers built their excellent reputation as one of the best party and corporate event planners in NYC.