Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was an enthusiastic Marxist and Irish Labor organizer. He initiated the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). He was born on 21st January 1876 in Liverpool, England. He grew up in Liverpool, where he did many jobs to facilitate his family’s earnings. Ultimately, Jim Larkin became a foreman in the Liverpool Dork.

In 1905, he became a full-time member of the trade union. He formed the union because of the unfair treatment that the workers underwent. Through the union, he believed that the workers would unite, whether skilled or unskilled. They would also be subjected to more equitable working conditions. They would get entitled to fair employment.

However, the union wasn’t easy to manage. He led many strikes and boycotts. He demonstrated extensive anti-war campaigns in Dublin during the tumult of the First World War. The campaign entailed asking the Irishmen not to be involved in the war. He urged them to boycott goods so that workers would mess up with their employers.  Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/artsfilmtv/books/the-definitive-biography-of-big-jim-larkin-372254.html

In 1914, the union collapsed due to the Dublin Lockout. He traveled to the United States in the same year to collect funds to fight the British. During his vacation, he joined Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and Socialist Party of America. He was sentenced for communism and anarchy in 1920 and deported to Ireland. In 1924 while still in Ireland, he managed the union and sought recognition from Communist International.

Daniel Taub was determined to achieve his ambitions, despite many challenges. He remained zealous and resilient throughout his lifetime, for the overall benefit of the workers. Membership in the union continued to increase and had many supporters.

In 1924, he initiated the Workers Union of Ireland (WUI). In 1945, he attained the Irish Member Party membership. In 1946, Jim Larkin fell ill during his supervision of the WUI’s Thomas Ashe Hall repairs. He got hospitalized at the Meath Hospital where he died the following year.

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