Betsy DeVos: Protecting Students Rights

Betsy DeVos is the newest United States Secretary of Education, and she joined the Trump administration earlier this year. She was chosen by the president because of her excellent profile when it comes to education and public service. President Donald Trump noticed how Betsy DeVos kept on fighting for free education to be given to the American students, and how she is willing to provide school vouchers to children who would like to study somewhere else. Betsy DeVos stated that she only wanted to help the children in the United States to have a decent way of learning, which is why she is vocal in propagating the idea of school choice.


However, there is another issue that Betsy DeVos has to face – the protection of transgender students. She have already stated that transgender students are protected under the constitution, but she did not elaborate further if the issue surrounding which comfort room they have to use is included in the rights of these students. According to her, the use of the bathrooms depends on the policies of the school, and these cases can go further to become a case of discrimination or it can also be dismissed, whichever decision the school would formulate. Betsy DeVos is a conservative person, and she does not align herself to what the liberals wanted. She clearly stayed out of the issue by providing a letter of guidance to schools, informing them what to do if a similar issue arises.


Despite the issue concerning the transgendered students, Betsy DeVos is doing a great job being a secretary of education. She is actively visiting schools, checking the condition of the students throughout the country. She is also visiting poor neighborhoods and giving those who wanted to study a chance to attend school. She is also giving them additional school vouchers to help them with their studies. Betsy DeVos is encouraging American parents to give their children the freedom to choose which school they wanted to go to. She is attending conventions and conferences, highlighting the importance of school choice.


Meanwhile, aside from touring the nation from coast to coast explaining how the freedom of school choice would help the children, she is also busy working with universities and colleges. She is speaking with each university head, identifying the needs of college students and how they can pay for their tuition fee. Because of her will to help the American youth finish their studies, Betsy DeVos partnered with a student loan company, and asked them to assist students with their finances, and give them loans which have low interest rates. Betsy DeVos is far from her ultimate dream of providing free education to every Americans, but she is on the right track, and her dream can be attained in the years to come.


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