Securus Technologies Taking the Standard of Correctional Services to the Next Level

There is high competition in just about every niche these days; same applies to the field of correctional services. Many new companies are emerging in the inmate communication and correctional services sphere, but Securus Technologies has been taking the lead since 1996. The company has for long been known as the pioneers in the field of corrections and has a reputation for building futuristic and advanced inmate communication technology. The inmates who have been using the services of Securus Technologies has been praising the company and its services and providing rave reviews online.


The best part about the services of the company is its customer service, which is second to none. Securus Technologies has for years been active in the field of corrections and understands the requirements of the end users, whether it is inmates or the law enforcement agencies. It has given the company the experience, and the insight needed to develop products that can fulfill the necessary requirements of the inmates and the law enforcement agencies. Some of the leading products and services offered by Securus Technologies are video visitation, phone services, money transfer services, investigative services, kiosks, and more. These services help the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers and ensure that there is peace maintained inside the correctional facility. The company has been given the topmost rating by the Better Business Bureau and for its customer service and overall standard of products and services.


Securus Technologies believes maintaining transparency in its operations is essential to maintain its reputation in the market and keep customers happy and satisfied. It is for this reason; the company recently released a press release, where it showcased the positive comments it received from the law enforcement officers who use Securus products and services. The comments of the law enforcement officers mentioned how seamless and highly efficient the services of Securus are.

Daniel Taub – article recap

Daniel Taub is considered by many of his peers, contemporaries, and opposer’s alike as one of the most successful Israeli Ambassadors to the Court of St. James, in recent history. It’s Mr. Taub’s many successes and connections made during this time, that have propelled him among the elite, often times drawing comparisons between him, and former Ambassador, Shlomo Argov. Throughout his term, Mr. Taub could be accurately characterized as a workaholic, who’s straight-laced appearance and witty demeanor, seared him into the hearts of many of his counterparts. As his time as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom approaches its endpoint, he chose to sit down with Manchester City Fan to discuss his career, as well as intimate parts of his life. Mr. Taub is well-known for his dislike of formal titles, preferring to be called by his name, and also for a habit that he has developed throughout his career: to never look back.

Despite the fact that he has made looking to the future a part of his everyday process, Mr. Taub did choose to speak on his run as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Mr. Taub believes that the goals that he and his team set in the initial phases of his term where lofty ones indeed, but through their hard work and dedication, they were achieved. In addition to his initial goals, he also believes that they were able to take it farther than what was believed to be possible. Setting up information centers seems to be one of the goals that stand out among his accomplishments. In Europe, there has long been a problem with antisemitism; one that had to be addressed with awareness. During his term, Daniel Taub was able to set up new information centers in Scotland and Wales and was also able to expand existing centers throughout Manchester. Learn more:

As he prepares to leave, spending more time with family and enjoying traditional British theater, such as Les Miserables, Daniel Taub reflected on a few attributes that helped significantly with his personal life as well as career. Chief among them was the ability to be multidimensional. His ability to master this character trait was in part due to his dual citizenship. As a man in his early twenties, he relocated to Israel from the United Kingdom; a choice that was instrumental in his success as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James for Israel.



Betsy DeVos: Protecting Students Rights

Betsy DeVos is the newest United States Secretary of Education, and she joined the Trump administration earlier this year. She was chosen by the president because of her excellent profile when it comes to education and public service. President Donald Trump noticed how Betsy DeVos kept on fighting for free education to be given to the American students, and how she is willing to provide school vouchers to children who would like to study somewhere else. Betsy DeVos stated that she only wanted to help the children in the United States to have a decent way of learning, which is why she is vocal in propagating the idea of school choice.


However, there is another issue that Betsy DeVos has to face – the protection of transgender students. She have already stated that transgender students are protected under the constitution, but she did not elaborate further if the issue surrounding which comfort room they have to use is included in the rights of these students. According to her, the use of the bathrooms depends on the policies of the school, and these cases can go further to become a case of discrimination or it can also be dismissed, whichever decision the school would formulate. Betsy DeVos is a conservative person, and she does not align herself to what the liberals wanted. She clearly stayed out of the issue by providing a letter of guidance to schools, informing them what to do if a similar issue arises.


Despite the issue concerning the transgendered students, Betsy DeVos is doing a great job being a secretary of education. She is actively visiting schools, checking the condition of the students throughout the country. She is also visiting poor neighborhoods and giving those who wanted to study a chance to attend school. She is also giving them additional school vouchers to help them with their studies. Betsy DeVos is encouraging American parents to give their children the freedom to choose which school they wanted to go to. She is attending conventions and conferences, highlighting the importance of school choice.


Meanwhile, aside from touring the nation from coast to coast explaining how the freedom of school choice would help the children, she is also busy working with universities and colleges. She is speaking with each university head, identifying the needs of college students and how they can pay for their tuition fee. Because of her will to help the American youth finish their studies, Betsy DeVos partnered with a student loan company, and asked them to assist students with their finances, and give them loans which have low interest rates. Betsy DeVos is far from her ultimate dream of providing free education to every Americans, but she is on the right track, and her dream can be attained in the years to come.


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