How Did Securus Technologies Help with Prison Safety?

In all the years that I have been working as a corrections officer, the last few years have been the most dangerous. The combination of younger and violent gang members behind bars combined with the accessibility of drugs, and you have a mix that can be deadly for anyone in the jail. Not only are these inmates becoming more violent towards one another, they are now hurting staff, guests, and officers. It was time we stepped up our efforts and made sure no one else was put in harm’s way this year.


Our superiors had a meeting with us and discussed how Securus Technologies might be able to help reduce violence in our prison. The company has developed a telephone monitoring system that can run by software and do a better job than a team of corrections officers. Right away we realized that if the software could do a better job and our officers could be on the front lines in force, we could actually take back control of this facility this year.


Securus Technologies has one thousand employees and the company is based in Dallas, the CEO Rick Smith says his entire team has one mission of making our world a safer place to live. With well over two thousand of these monitoring systems already up and running in jails all over the country, we were eager to see the results for ourselves.


It didn’t take long for the LBS software to start picking up chatter and alerting my team of the trouble. Right at the start, we got one alert about an inmate discussing a hit on a rival gang member. Another alert informed us which inmate was selling drugs in the yard. Each alert, my team takes lightning fast action to crush the problem before it ever puts any of us in serious danger.