CEO And Founder Of Talk Fusion Interviewed On Inspirey

Bob Reina, who is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion was interviewed on the online website, Inspirey. This online page interviews entrepreneurs and leading figures in business on their careers and what made them successful.


Mr. Reina created talk Fusion back in 2007. His first product was a video marketing tool that customers could easily embed into email communications. Bob Reina now has over two decades of experience in the video marketing and direct selling industry. He is known for his pioneering in the field of video marketing, email marketing and real time communication technology. Bob Reina is also known for being a generous philanthropist who donates considerable sums of money to animals groups. His company also allows charities to use Talk Fusion’s premium services for free to help them spread their word and goodwill.Learn more :


The first question that Inspirey asked of Mr. Reina was where did he get his idea to start Talk Fusion. Reina recalls that he had worked as a police over for over a decade in his previous career. Feeling limited by his income and heavy workload, Bob Reina thought of a way to boost his income and make better use of his time. He also wanted more control of his own life and a new way to give back to to others.


So the story goes, Bob Reina was directing traffic as an officer and stumbled upon a man who explained to him how networking marketing works and that the industry has a lot of potential. With this story in mind, Bob Reina would go on and try his hand at network marketing. He realized that he could leverage teamwork to help achieve greater success and a more efficient use of time. Reina launched his first network marketing venture but it failed and forced him to start over.Learn more :


Not dismayed by his first try at network level marketing entrepreneurship, Reina would try again in a few years. In 2007 he launched Talk Fusion. The story behind it is that Reina wanted to send an email to his own family of a video he took of a house he really liked and wanted to buy in North Carolina. When he realized this was not possible at the time, he realized a great opportunity to develop and sell a video embedded marketing solution. This was the beginning of Talk Fusion.Learn more :