CEO And Founder Of Talk Fusion Interviewed On Inspirey

Bob Reina, who is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion was interviewed on the online website, Inspirey. This online page interviews entrepreneurs and leading figures in business on their careers and what made them successful.


Mr. Reina created talk Fusion back in 2007. His first product was a video marketing tool that customers could easily embed into email communications. Bob Reina now has over two decades of experience in the video marketing and direct selling industry. He is known for his pioneering in the field of video marketing, email marketing and real time communication technology. Bob Reina is also known for being a generous philanthropist who donates considerable sums of money to animals groups. His company also allows charities to use Talk Fusion’s premium services for free to help them spread their word and goodwill.Learn more :


The first question that Inspirey asked of Mr. Reina was where did he get his idea to start Talk Fusion. Reina recalls that he had worked as a police over for over a decade in his previous career. Feeling limited by his income and heavy workload, Bob Reina thought of a way to boost his income and make better use of his time. He also wanted more control of his own life and a new way to give back to to others.


So the story goes, Bob Reina was directing traffic as an officer and stumbled upon a man who explained to him how networking marketing works and that the industry has a lot of potential. With this story in mind, Bob Reina would go on and try his hand at network marketing. He realized that he could leverage teamwork to help achieve greater success and a more efficient use of time. Reina launched his first network marketing venture but it failed and forced him to start over.Learn more :


Not dismayed by his first try at network level marketing entrepreneurship, Reina would try again in a few years. In 2007 he launched Talk Fusion. The story behind it is that Reina wanted to send an email to his own family of a video he took of a house he really liked and wanted to buy in North Carolina. When he realized this was not possible at the time, he realized a great opportunity to develop and sell a video embedded marketing solution. This was the beginning of Talk Fusion.Learn more :


Rick Smith’s Role at Securus Technologies

Securus is one of the most technologically-advanced companies in the provision of offender systems. The company was founded back in the year 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Today, Securus boasts of serving more than 1million inmates and having contracts with over 3,400 offender facility.

Every week, Securus comes up with a new product to help in crime deterrence. In the recent past, they invested $650 million in innovation of new products. They also recently built a state-of-the-art call center. This is hoped to increase responsiveness and the quality of their customer service. Unlike other companies who outsource their customer service functions, leaving you to wait in line for a many hours, now you can talk to the full-time customer service agents of Securus, without unnecessary delays. Read more on

Securus is an industry leader due to many factors. But, the most notable is its leadership. Securus is led by Richard. A. Smith Aka Rick. Rick is the president and also the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. He joined the company in the year 2008. And, for the 9 years that he has been with the company, Securus has transformed for the better. Rick is an expert in the industry and this is his resume.


Rick gained education experience from renowned education institutions. He studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, obtaining his Associate Degree of Apllied Science in Electrical Engineering. Rick later joined Buffalo’s State University of New York, acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Rick Smith also holds two MBAs. He studied Brockport’s State University of New York, obtaining his first Master’s Degree. He graduated from the institution with a postgraduate degree in Mathematics. He also obtained an MBA from the Simon School, which is a branch of the University of Rochester. His MBA was to prepare him to manage businesses within the technology industry.


Rick Smith was first employed at Frontier Corp, which is currently known as Global Crossing. He worked for the company from the year 1972 to the year 1998. He was first employed as the controller and got promoted over the years. His responsibilities broadened from controller to CIO then to President of IT. He was further promoted to take the positions of Midwest Telephone Operation VP followed by being the Director Network Plant Operations and Business Development Director. Then one year before leaving the company, he was promoted to assume the position of Financial Management VP.

On leaving Frontier Corp in the year 1998, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc., working as the Chief Financial Officer. He was promoted to director and president of the company the following year. And in 200, he was promoted to be the CEO of the company. Read more on

Helping Others with Investing

One of the biggest financial issues that people have today is not understand how to help themselves financially. Brian Bonar is one of the leading people in the world of personal finance today. He knows how to help you with your financial plans, and he is excited about all of the changes that are going on in this area.

If you want to learn to invest, you need a plan to help you in this process. There are many people who want to build wealth but who also do not know how to do so over time. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, now is the time to get a plan ready to make a positive difference in your financial life.


One of the biggest issues with investing is understanding how much money you can actually invest. There are many people who struggle in this area because the cost of living keeps going up. If you want to invest, you need to have a solid plan for how much you can invest every month. Some people are starting to take on an additional job in order to make their income go up over time.

Not only that, but they are also excited about a lot of the changes that are starting to take place in their life and career. If you want to invest as much money as possible, working with Brian Bonar is a great way to get started in that process.

Investing Advice

When it comes to investing, it pays to have your investments spread out in many areas of the economy. There are some people who struggle with investing because they do not understand how to manage their wealth the right way.

However, others are too scared of the market to make any real decisions. If you want to start taking your life to a new level in this area, now is the time to do so. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has proven to understand how to explain this process in a way that clients can understand.

Brian Bonar

From the time that he started out in the world of business, Brian Bonar has worked hard to add value to others in a variety of ways. If you want to learn how to help other people as well, he can help you finish the job.

There are a lot of great things that he is working on in his business today. Not only is he starting to expand his business, but he is also trying to make a difference in his finances for the future.

Fabletics Lures Customers With Online Garments That Can be Purchased in Stores

Kate Hudson knows how women shop. This is something that she knew before she started Fabletics. Hudson knew that it was not enough to click a couple of buttons on a website when it comes to an outfit for working out. In some cases women are going to want to go into a fitting room and stand in front of a mirror. They want to see what they look like before they go to the gym and presenting themselves before others to others with the Fabletics clothing that they have spent money on.


This works because people purchase clothes from a brick-and-mortar stores, but Fabletics is losing to other stores if there are no physical stores in certain areas. She knows that this is going to be the centerpiece of her profits even though the online sales are what carries this company forth right now. What Kate Hudson is trying to do is establish this as a brand that compete successfully with other companies that have brick-and-mortar stores.


Kate realizes that the reverse showrooming is something that is going to get people talking. When they see these clothes online they are going to tell friends. Eventually they will run into friends that do not do any shopping online at all. These are customers that are considered offline shoppers. If she doesn’t find a way to get to her potential offline customer base it will be difficult for this clothing company to compete with many of the other juggernauts in the retail clothing industry. Even though she focuses on a select crowd of women that are looking for athletic clothing, she still knows that there is a large group of people that she has yet to reach.

One can only get so far with website sales before they branch out and reach for those customers that still don’t trust online shopping.


So many offline consumers are afraid of things like hacking and a security breach from online shopping. This is why many customers are still not shopping online. What Kate Hudson has managed to do is create a wide assortment of opportunities for customers to shop offline by creating different stores in various state. This has worked to her advantage and that is why she is on a Fabletics campaign to create even more these stores within the next five years. This is what people are excited about with the brand.