Rick Shinto Drives Diversity In InnovaCare Health

Dr. Richard Shinto is also known as Rick Shinto drives diversity and innovation in InnovaCare Health as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the leading insurance service provider. He helped the firm to grow exponentially in the recent years with long-term strategies that are addressing the need of consistent growth and brand building. Rick helped the firm to adopt new technologies and options that are aimed to make the insurance servicing easier. The focus of the firm was very clear when it decided to join the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). It is an innovation to move the health system to quality-based payment models than quantity. As a LAN partner, the firm initiated efforts to implement alternative payment models. InnovaCare is trying for 30 percent of health care payments by 2016 done through alternative payment methods, and by 2018, it would be made to 50 percent.

Being a major Medicare Advantage and Medicaid organization, InnovaCare Health added three new faces to its leadership to help in its strategies and to run the business smoothly. Jonathan Meyers joined the firm as the Chief Actuary Officer; Penelope Kokkinides assumed as the Chief Administrative Officer of the firm; Mike Sortino as the Chief Accounting Officer at InnovaCare. The firm expected to make the benefit their rich experience, expertise, and integrity they show to the industry and InnovaCare, Rick stated during the announcement of addition. View the company profile at LinkedIn

InnovaCare is the parent company of MMM Healthcare, MMM Multi Health, and PMC Medicare Choice, major health insurers in Puerto Rico. Their total service volume makes the firm the largest Medicaid insurance and Medicare Advantage firm in Puerto Rico. The total membership base of the firm goes beyond 200,000 individuals, and it has a network of 7,500 providers to assist the members. The firm is researching ways to provide innovative solutions to the customers that are fully integrated with advanced technologies, cost-effective, and coordinated. Most of its customers are finding great advantage in using the customized services offered by the firm.

As the leader of the mission, Rick manages various verticals in the organization to stay focused and collaborates with other industry leaders to derive simple and convenient solutions for the customers. Rick worked with various insurance service firms before joining InnovaCare. He worked with Aveta Inc., as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm just before joining InnovaCare. Before that, he worked as a member of the management team of the firm. Rick has more than two decades of experience in both operational and clinical healthcare. Contact details available at Manta.com

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