Author And Business Magnate George Soros Wants Trump To Wake Up

George Soros is a heavyweight when it comes to hedge fund investing. Soros is also a philanthropist who supports hundreds of organizations. Those organizations have agendas that are liberal in nature. Mr. Soros is a staunch advocate of immigration reform, euthanasia, the death penalty and prison reform, open borders, and giving seventeen-year-olds and illegal immigrants the right to vote. Those social issues are front and center in the Trump administration and Trump’s opinion about those issues are not in sync with Soros and the organizations he supports. In 2016, Soros donated more than $20 million to elect Democrats, but as we all know, money wasn’t enough to stop Trump from winning the election. According to Discover The Networks, Soros is funding 187 organizations that want to fight Trump every step of the way over the next four years. The Soros mission is to remove Trump from office, and Soros is not alone. Millions of Americans wake up every day hoping Trump will make a move that leads to impeachment.

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Even though Soros is fighting Donald Trump, he is not fighting Democracy. Soros is an avid supporter of freedom and an open society. George founded the Open Society Foundation in 1979 to support organizations that bring freedom and human rights to people living in countries with no rights. The Open Society Foundation has donated more than $13 billion to spread Democracy, and to promote the open society concept. The open society concept is not new. French philosopher, Henri Louis Bergson developed the concept in 1932. Karl Popper, a London School of Economics professor, wrote a book about the open society concept. Soros read the Popper book while he attended the school in the late 1940s. An open society is a society that is not controlled by a government. The government in an open society carries out the will of the people and gives the people real freedom. In a capitalistic society, an open society is a rare form of government. Read more on BigThink about George Soros

The open society concept is just one of the passions that keep Soros in the limelight day after day. George Soros is an investor who places enormous bets on situations that other investors avoid. His 1993 bet against the U.K. paid off. He earned $1 billion when he bet the pound sterling would lose value against the U.S. dollar on the foreign exchange. He’s making a similar bet against China’s government right now. Soros thinks the Chinese government must devalue the yuan. The banks in China are filled with uncollectable debts. The government must use capital reserves to fix the banking situation, according to George Soros, and that move will impact the yuan on the foreign exchange.