Ways To Grow With Vijay Eswaran

One of the most important goals that Vijay Eswaran has is growth. As a matter of fact, growth is always a good goal to have because no one is ever going to achieve perfection in this lifetime. Therefore, Vijay has many different ways for people to grow when it comes to their lives.

There are many different areas for people to grow in. The best thing for people to do is find the areas in their lives that are most important to them and focus on growth in those areas. Then they can look at all of the secondary areas for growth.

One of the ways that people can grow is by learning. Learning is one of the best and most obvious methods of growth. As a matter of fact, some people can say that learning is a part of growth. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

There are many different skills that people can pick up along the way so that they will be able to use it for other areas of their lives. Among the skills are business and relational skills. These skills can go a long way towards success for many people. Vijay himself runs a business that is based on growth. Learn more about Vijay Eswarwan: http://www.qigroup.com/2013/11/vijay-eswaran-makes-ceo-of-the-year/ and https://www.amazon.in/Sphere-Silence-Vijay-Eswaran-ebook/dp/B008VEC2UI

One thing that Vijay says could motivate people for growth is fear. One of the reasons that fear is considered a motivator of growth is that it can help guide people away from danger. One thing that humans often fear is change. This is especially the case when people find something that they like and have become used to.

One of the interesting things about fear is that while it does protect people from danger, it can also cause them to be stuck. However, one thing with courage is that while taking risks can result in a crash and burn, it does lead to a new place.

The Changes Brought by the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects changed the face of the profession and the way architects worked. Thr organization added a needed layer of security for architects around the country. Before The American Institute of Architects introduced new regulations, architects had no way to prove they had the qualification or the skill to be in the profession. Employers had to take their word for it. The business in the trade was not as stable as it is today.

In 1857, The American Institute of Architects started its operations, and it picked up speed very fast. The organization was created by architects for architects. The thirteen founders had a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish with AIA. They decided to move the profession of an architect forwards, believing it deserves more recognition. The founders wished to bring people of the profession closer, to establish a network of communication, collaboration, and community among architect across the United States of America.

The American Institute of Architects started growing rapidly within the first year of its rise. The founders sent out invitations to established architects to join the new organization. Most of them accepted immediately, and that created a wave of even greater interest for The American Institute of Architects.

Over the next decades, The American Institute of Architects erected charters in a number of cities across the country. The headquarters of the institute was initially in New York City but have since been moved to Washington D. C. The American Institute of Architects currently has charters in well or 250 locations.

The leader of The American Institute of Architects for the past few years has been Mr. Robert Ivy. In 2011, he was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer, and he was later named Executive Vice President as well.

Mr. Robert Ivy is a former cum laude student of the Sewanee University of the South in English. He then graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Tulane University.

He started his career in 1996 with his position as Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. At that post, Mr. Robert Ivy gained a lot of skills and experience, and his work was recognized by the McGaw Hill Construction Media. The company appointed him to be the Editorial Director and Vice President of the business. The McGaw Hill Publishing Construction Media publishes a number of magazines and digital journals under its cap such as GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Sweet, ENR, and many others. For more updates, Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter.

After that, Mr. Robert Ivy started his career at the American Institute of Architects. He has made many contributions to the operations of the organization and has led a number of projects for its expansion over the years.



Securus Technologies Taking the Standard of Correctional Services to the Next Level

There is high competition in just about every niche these days; same applies to the field of correctional services. Many new companies are emerging in the inmate communication and correctional services sphere, but Securus Technologies has been taking the lead since 1996. The company has for long been known as the pioneers in the field of corrections and has a reputation for building futuristic and advanced inmate communication technology. The inmates who have been using the services of Securus Technologies has been praising the company and its services and providing rave reviews online.


The best part about the services of the company is its customer service, which is second to none. Securus Technologies has for years been active in the field of corrections and understands the requirements of the end users, whether it is inmates or the law enforcement agencies. It has given the company the experience, and the insight needed to develop products that can fulfill the necessary requirements of the inmates and the law enforcement agencies. Some of the leading products and services offered by Securus Technologies are video visitation, phone services, money transfer services, investigative services, kiosks, and more. These services help the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers and ensure that there is peace maintained inside the correctional facility. The company has been given the topmost rating by the Better Business Bureau and for its customer service and overall standard of products and services.


Securus Technologies believes maintaining transparency in its operations is essential to maintain its reputation in the market and keep customers happy and satisfied. It is for this reason; the company recently released a press release, where it showcased the positive comments it received from the law enforcement officers who use Securus products and services. The comments of the law enforcement officers mentioned how seamless and highly efficient the services of Securus are.

Daniel Taub – article recap

Daniel Taub is considered by many of his peers, contemporaries, and opposer’s alike as one of the most successful Israeli Ambassadors to the Court of St. James, in recent history. It’s Mr. Taub’s many successes and connections made during this time, that have propelled him among the elite, often times drawing comparisons between him, and former Ambassador, Shlomo Argov. Throughout his term, Mr. Taub could be accurately characterized as a workaholic, who’s straight-laced appearance and witty demeanor, seared him into the hearts of many of his counterparts. As his time as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom approaches its endpoint, he chose to sit down with Manchester City Fan to discuss his career, as well as intimate parts of his life. Mr. Taub is well-known for his dislike of formal titles, preferring to be called by his name, and also for a habit that he has developed throughout his career: to never look back.

Despite the fact that he has made looking to the future a part of his everyday process, Mr. Taub did choose to speak on his run as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Mr. Taub believes that the goals that he and his team set in the initial phases of his term where lofty ones indeed, but through their hard work and dedication, they were achieved. In addition to his initial goals, he also believes that they were able to take it farther than what was believed to be possible. Setting up information centers seems to be one of the goals that stand out among his accomplishments. In Europe, there has long been a problem with antisemitism; one that had to be addressed with awareness. During his term, Daniel Taub was able to set up new information centers in Scotland and Wales and was also able to expand existing centers throughout Manchester. Learn more: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/09/israeli-ambassador-daniel-taub-un-agencies-are-effectively-supporting-palestinian-child-abuse/

As he prepares to leave, spending more time with family and enjoying traditional British theater, such as Les Miserables, Daniel Taub reflected on a few attributes that helped significantly with his personal life as well as career. Chief among them was the ability to be multidimensional. His ability to master this character trait was in part due to his dual citizenship. As a man in his early twenties, he relocated to Israel from the United Kingdom; a choice that was instrumental in his success as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James for Israel.



Betsy DeVos: Protecting Students Rights

Betsy DeVos is the newest United States Secretary of Education, and she joined the Trump administration earlier this year. She was chosen by the president because of her excellent profile when it comes to education and public service. President Donald Trump noticed how Betsy DeVos kept on fighting for free education to be given to the American students, and how she is willing to provide school vouchers to children who would like to study somewhere else. Betsy DeVos stated that she only wanted to help the children in the United States to have a decent way of learning, which is why she is vocal in propagating the idea of school choice.


However, there is another issue that Betsy DeVos has to face – the protection of transgender students. She have already stated that transgender students are protected under the constitution, but she did not elaborate further if the issue surrounding which comfort room they have to use is included in the rights of these students. According to her, the use of the bathrooms depends on the policies of the school, and these cases can go further to become a case of discrimination or it can also be dismissed, whichever decision the school would formulate. Betsy DeVos is a conservative person, and she does not align herself to what the liberals wanted. She clearly stayed out of the issue by providing a letter of guidance to schools, informing them what to do if a similar issue arises.


Despite the issue concerning the transgendered students, Betsy DeVos is doing a great job being a secretary of education. She is actively visiting schools, checking the condition of the students throughout the country. She is also visiting poor neighborhoods and giving those who wanted to study a chance to attend school. She is also giving them additional school vouchers to help them with their studies. Betsy DeVos is encouraging American parents to give their children the freedom to choose which school they wanted to go to. She is attending conventions and conferences, highlighting the importance of school choice.


Meanwhile, aside from touring the nation from coast to coast explaining how the freedom of school choice would help the children, she is also busy working with universities and colleges. She is speaking with each university head, identifying the needs of college students and how they can pay for their tuition fee. Because of her will to help the American youth finish their studies, Betsy DeVos partnered with a student loan company, and asked them to assist students with their finances, and give them loans which have low interest rates. Betsy DeVos is far from her ultimate dream of providing free education to every Americans, but she is on the right track, and her dream can be attained in the years to come.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.


Stream Energy Talks About How You Can Reduce Your Power Bill

Have you ever been in a situation where you went to look at your electricity bill and realized that the amount that you have to pay is considerably higher than most of the other months of the year? If you are staring at your bill puzzled where all this energy that you now have to pay for went, you might want to take a good look at your home. Are there any phones plugged in that don’t need more charge? Or do you have your tv’s central power on, even though you are probably reading this and not watching something there? That could just be one of the many things contributing to your increased energy bill and consumption. Read more at businesswire.com about Stream Energy.

A lot of people fail to realize that even if devices are plugged in, even if not being used, use up some amount of power. This may seem like minimal amounts at first, but when added up can subtract a significant number of dollars from your pocket. Don’t believe us? There is even a term for it known as ‘Phantom Drain.’ Doing something as simple as switching off your home entertainment system when not in use can save you more than hundred dollars per year, and that’s just one unit or device system. Putting together all the things, right from the kitchen, to the bathrooms and bedrooms, your power is draining right under your nose. Watch this video on youtube.com.

So what do you do about this? Well, the solution is a lot simpler than one might think. Merely switch things off when not in use and watch your energy bill drop significantly. Besides your energy bill dropping, you also have the added advantage of having a better carbon footprint and contributing to a better world.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and today stands as one of the most sought-after energies and wireless providers in the entire country. The company operates out of its headquarters in Dallas and offers its services across America. Stream Energy continues to expand to newer areas and locations within the United States and tries to provide as broad a range of services as they possibly can.

Read: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Stream-Energy

Osteo Relief Institute Provides Revolutionary Treatment for Osteoarthritis

For those who have been affected by osteoarthritis, sudden transformations must be observed in regards to their lifestyles. This is usually as a result of their health condition. Here is a list of vital contents to focus on when affected:

  • Diet and exercise
  • Occupational changes
  • Medical care
  • Support and care



Patients who suffer this critical disease should always be encouraged to invest in exercise and regular workouts. This is the sole docket of improving the strength in their muscles with the purpose of strengthening their bones. It is also a way forward towards maintaining a healthy weight. As usual, excessive weight leads to more symptoms. This is often related to the mass of the bone that is meant to be lifted. For this sole purpose, the affected are highly encouraged to exercise regularly. Overweight individuals are also always encouraged to lose weight.




To be safe when persuing exercises, a physiotherapist is often involved. Most healthcare teams for such patients understand that a physiotherapist is a professional who ensures that the right strategies are recommended. The exercises must also be completed and pursued within the recommended intervals.




It is vital for osteoarthritis patients to invest in a healthy diet. In as much as a healthy diet should be standard for everyone, these patients need it more. Here are a few nutrition tips that should be invested in:


  • Increased intake of vegetables, fresh fruits.
  • Little intakes of processed foods
  • More intake of food prepared at home


Osteo Relief Institute is an institution that majors in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The facility has branches within the locality. Through these branches, there has been the great facilitation of proper care for suffering patients. Osteo Relief Institute has one major selling point that matches its objective; this is the team of trained medical practitioners.


The conclusion


Osteo Relief Institute has a team of experienced practitioners who have always focused on providing treatment therapies for patients (http://www.osteoreliefinstitutelouisville.com/). With a keen concentration on the documented healthy habits, Osteo Relief Institute has achieved progressive results. Osteo Relief Institute thrives on its ability to utilize modern technology to offer osteoarthritis treatment.

More about Osteo Relief Institute on Yelp

How Glen Wakeman’s New Company Solves A Problem New Entrepreneurs Have

Over the course of his professional career, Glen Wakeman has developed into someone known for his ability to mentor others. He has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit and is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He founded this company in 2015 and his company’s services are used by other entrepreneurs in the early-stage of founding a new company. They use LaunchPad Holdings online business planning software in order to design a plan for their company that they can show to venture capitalists and follow in creating a successful company.

Glen Wakeman has a bachelor’s degree in economics as well as an MBA he has in finance. He began his career at GE Capital and worked his way up to executive level positions at this global company. He has also worked as an executive. In addition to LaunchPad Holdings, he also founded another company, Nova Four. He has held a variety of executive positions including president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board.

Wakeman became well known in the financial industry when he designed a five-step performance methodology. The steps include managing human capital, risk management, leadership, and how to execute in business (Interview.net). He is also a successful investor and has taught others how to manage their funds, both in person and in writing. He has knowledge of a wide variety of investing including international developing markets. Two of the groups that often seek his counsel in regards to their investing are Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

When founding LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman wanted to solve a problem he saw which was that most new businesses fail. He could see this was mainly due to new entrepreneurs thinking ideas were a plan when they really aren’t. His software solves this problem for his clients by giving them a step by step way to arrive at a business plan. Another thing he likes to do is match new business ideas with the money needed to fund them.

More at http://www.glenwakeman.com/in-the-press/

Dr. Mark Holterman: Professional Pediatric Surgeon and a Scholar

Dr. Mark Holterman is a renowned researcher, professor, and a medical practitioner. He is a lecturer at the University of Illinois and the President of Mariam Global Health. His dedication and enthusiasm made him become a philanthropist. He has assisted many patients by donating towards various charity organizations. One of the groups that have benefited from Dr. Holterman is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children in Vietnam. The organization empowers medical practitioners in Vietnam increase pediatric medical care accessibility and intensifies their capacity for such care.


Since 2011, Dr. Mark Holterman has consistently participated in the surgical team as a pediatric surgeon at Children’s Hospital OSF Healthcare (Ideamensch). Additionally, he is the President of Reformative Medicine at the Mariam Global Health. He has managed to keep a high apprehension for the progress of cell-based treatment.


He is an associate of different professional organizations such as Hannah Sunshine Foundation and American Diabetes Association (ADA), which was founded in 1940 (https://health.usnews.com/doctors/mark-holterman-3618). The establishment is a charity organization that is focused on education, activism activities that are related to diseases, research projects, prevention, and cure of diabetes. On the other hand, Hannah Sunshine Foundation is focused on using regenerative and cellular therapies for children with rare diseases.


Dr. Holterman studied at Yale University from 1976 to 1980. His main subject was Biology. He joined the University of Virginia from 1980 to 1988 and received a Ph.D. and M.D in Medicine and Immunology. He completed his medical training at the University of Virginia Health Sciences and fellowshipped at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. He previously worked as a senior surgeon at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as well as a surgeon at Rush University Medical Center.


Dr. Mark Holterman, MD, Ph.D. office is located in Maywood, with another office in Peoria, IL. He has 29 years of experience in his career, with specialties in general and pediatric surgery. He is an associate at the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, and St. Alexius Medical Center.

Stream Energy Tells You How To Save Money By Shutting Down Hidden Energy Guzzlers

Whether or not you’re using an electrical device, it can still draw power, and even if it may not be noticeable, it can quickly add up and can cost you a lot more than you might think.


There are a number of ways that you can save money on your energy bill by unplugging these devices when they’re “off.” Whether it’s unplugging your coffee maker when it’s not in use, or any game consoles, computer screens, printers, and more. Unplugging your DVR alone can save you up to forty dollars annually, and an entire entertainment system can end up saving over a hundred annually. That’s money that could be better spent elsewhere, rather than being sucked up by appliances and devices that aren’t even in use.

The only thing you need to help earn back all the money being drained by those devices is dedication. Take the time to separate your devices and appliances into batches, which can then be attached to power strips, the power strips can then be easily shut down or unplugged when not in use, saving you a pretty penny in the long run. Keeping a close eye on your energy spendings each month is also important, to make sure there isn’t anything drawing more energy than it should, and that your home is using its electricity efficiently.



Stream Energy

Stream Energy has founded over ten years ago, on a simple and groundbreaking idea (Facebook). The premise of the company was selling energy, not over the phone, or by mail, but by selling their services directly, via word of mouth, creating a unique niche within a highly competitive market, and quickly becoming one of the largest direct sale companies in the field of energy.


Currently, Stream Energy is working to take that business model to the national stage, increasing their client-base tenfold while maintaining their proven sales methodology, and growing their business. As a company built on the strong inherent values of simplicity and trust, they continue to wildly innovate during this period of growth and reach out to bring their clients the service they need.

More about Stream Energy at https://crunchbase.com/organization/stream-energy